Bear Bones Bikepacking forums
Excellent resource for bikepacking, in the UK. It's a small forum, but very active.

The Complete Guide to Everything
Two guys pick a subject and riff on it. It's funny. You won't learn very much.

The Filmdrunk Frotcast
Four dudes bullshit about films, sports, pop culture, internet nonsense out of San Francisco. It has the word 'film' in the title, but that's only a relatively small part of the discussion. It's can get pretty crass, but in a good way.

This American Life
Excellent long-form journalism about a range of themes - from light to serious. There are some excellent stories in there. "The Convert" and "Slow to React" are particularly good. The 'Slow to React' episode is not for children.

Stuff You Should Know
Like an audio version of an encyclopedia article. It's a bizarro world version of the complete guide to everything, where they actually discuss the topic at hand.

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Long form podcasts about history, using a narrative style. I particularly like the Wraith of the Khans" series.

The Flophouse
A podcast about bad films. Three fellas watch a bad movie then discuss it. Two of the guys write for the daily show.

These guys make decent stuff at good prices. Expecially good are the head-torches and drybags (airlok for ultralight, airlok xtra for chucking about).

Sandisk MP3 players
Sandisk make the Sansa Clip MP3 player. It's small, light, lasts for ~15 hours and doesn't have shitty itunes. It's also cheap and the memory can be supplemented with a microSD card.

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